Founded by award-winning social entrepreneur Leila Janah in 2018 to further her vision of giving work and not aid, the Give Work Challenge is a social business plan competition for Samasource workers and alumni in East Africa. 


The challenge identifies the best business ventures to receive funding and mentorship by Samasource staff, donors, and board members, with a goal to grow social business in the region and further the follow-on job opportunities for our community of workers and alumni.


Leila’s commitment to creating a better world was unparalleled. This challenge is just one of the ways we are keeping her passion and legacy alive.



First - Chalonn Recyclers: Plastic Waste management and manufacturing company from Uganda.

Second - Savanna Pipes: Environment-friendly straws made from bamboo from Kenya.

Third - Pure Honey: Local beekeeping company, processing, packing, and marketing honey from Uganda.



Afro Chic Enviro: Collection and processing of waste materials to create new products i.e night light bulb holders, vases, mason jar, ornaments, etc. From South Africa and Kenya.


Akujjuah Designs and Crafts: Promote African culture through art & craft making. African wears, jewelry, bags, mats etc. From Uganda.

Eco friends Briquette: Produce charcoal briquettes as an alternative for firewood and charcoal using agricultural waste. From Uganda. 


First - Super Peanut: Creates products and opens up market channels for SimSim & Groundnut Farmers in Rural Uganda.


Second - ReAfric Social: Re-Afric collects waste materials such as leather boards from industries, used fabrics from tailors, used vehicle tires, leather from carpenters and old jeans hence improve on the sanitation of the slum environment and recycles them to make footwear.


Third - Seeds of Hope: Seeds of Hope explores trains women on sustainable ways of Honey-Bee keeping.



Wayden Farm: Wayden farm seeks to address food shortage caused by flooding through employing youth to engage in poultry Farming on a large scale.

City Yard: City yard is an agri-business company objectively started with the aim of utilizing the smallest available space to practice organic urban farming.


Cyber Mtaani: Cyber Mtaani seeks to employ SamaDB graduates and community youth to run cybercafes with affordable high-speed internet in the slums.

The Give Work Challenge is a program of Samasource Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.